About People Who Likes Int Type Here Is A Counter Int ^^

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About People Who Likes Int Type Here Is A Counter Int ^^

Post  ramoslexter on Tue Jun 02, 2009 12:10 am

Just Build Up your Resistance

Example:you have 0 Resistance the and your enemy has 20k int
His Damage can surely be around 4-6k

Well If You have 90+ Resistance and your has 20k int
His Damage will be Around 2-3k

Helpful Build In making Resistance
When youre Level 150+ Go to special Agent
Take All Its Quest The Same In Leonine 1f

There Will be a quest In TH The Reward is Enchanced Shogun coat and Pants That
Is +19 Allresis So You Have Now a Total of 38Resistance

Make The quest of Black Knife Ganil Ring At Old Man IN Root hole
Make That Quest and it has A reward of 10 Resistance
So your resistance is 48 If You Reborn You Can make The Quest again
total of : 58 Resistance

Well If You Have a Honor Weapon it has some 5 resistance
total of : 63 Resistance

As usual you have a gloves and shoes with resistance
the gloves has 3 resistance
while shoes has 5 resistance if you have many refines like Fine Crystal you can make it
+12 all resis
well this will happen
3+7=10 resistance of your gloves
5+7=12 Resistance of your shoes

total of : 85 Resistance

Thats Is All I know Thnks ^__^


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