How To get Black Knife Ganil Ring And/Free Polishing items

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How To get Black Knife Ganil Ring And/Free Polishing items

Post  ramoslexter on Mon Jun 01, 2009 11:56 pm

How to acquire the Black Knife Ganil (+20 All Stats)

1. If you are Lv250 above, check your on-going missions and look for a quest with the title "Make Special Ring."

2. Perform all the requirements of that task. All monsters that the task requires you to kill are found in the Root Hole only and nowhere else. Do not be confused by the inaccurate monster names. Just kill and kill.

3. After finishing all the requirements, talk to the Old Man at the top of the Root Hole just before the entrance to the Saint Map. He'll give you a Jaonahu Ganil. Talk to him for 2 more times to acquire the Black Knife Ganil.

*Note: Quests are now non-repeatable unlike before. Players now can only get one Black Knife Ganil.

Luxury Protection Potion and Fine Burr Quests

To get bonus Luxury Protection Potions and Fine Burrs, you must complete the following quests:

Searching For Criminal (Reward: 1 Luxury Protection Potion & 1 Fine Burr)
Searching For First Aid (Reward: 1 Luxury Protection Potion & 1 Fine Burr)
Searching For Evidence ((Reward: 1 Fine Burr)

*Note: Don't throw your Red Beads away. By gathering 5 of those and trading them to your respective school Cleaner (SG Cleaner, MP Cleaner, Phoenix Cleaner), you'll be given a reward ranging from a piece of Luxury Protection Potion, a piece of Fine Burr, and even Fine Crystals.

Players who have other useful and helpful tips for getting easy gold and items in-game (except for abuse bugs), kindly post them here.

Quoted from Boymumog's guide:
- Make Special Ring
Req: lvl 193
From: autoquest
* Gather Broken Bottle from Cement Weirdo {Bakulaw}
* Gather Red Rosary from Light Demon Inducer {Light Inducer}
* Gather Blood Dagger from Fire Demon Inducer {Fire Ninja}
* Pass materials to the Old Man
Reward: Janachu Ganil {Ring} - atk: 5~5, def: 5, acc: 5, eva: 2, lvl: 193, res: 5,
pow, vit, int, dex: +5

- Look for the Backpack Key
Req: lvl 140, able to enter MH
From: Nurse [MH]
* Retrieve key from Cold Wolf {Nyebeng Lobo}
* Pass the key to the Nurse @ MH
Reward: Space Ring [Lvl:120][+6]

- Obtain Weather Info
Req: lvl 177
From: autoquest
* Go to coordinates 100,111 [RH]
* Go to coordinates 100,131 [RH]
* Go to coordinates 69,127 [RH]
* Talk to RH Police [typo, pass info to Root Hole Police not TH Police]
Reward: Vanish Ring [Lvl:120][+4] HP:+25 poison resistance:[+5]


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